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Haskaps at Rosy Farms Leanne


This week we stopped in to Rosy Farms in Sturgeon County for a visit and to get a taste of haskaps! Andrew Rosychuk, owner of Rosy Farms met us for a tour and taste of haskaps. If you haven't tried haskap berries yet you are missing out! Andrew describes the taste as "a powerful flavour about 3/4 blueberry, 1/4 raspberry, with undertones of black current and elderberry." 



This fruit from the honeysuckle family is quickly becoming a favourite to grow in North America. Surprisingly the haskap bush can withstand winter temperatures of -50 Celsius, zone 2A! Orchards are even prospering in White Horse, Yukon. 



Haskaps are considered a medicinal superfood due to their rich nutritional makeup. Haskaps are very versatile for cooking and can be used in a wide range of cooking such as jams, vinaigrettes, pies, wines... you name it!


Andrew is in year three of his multi-year growth plan for Rosy Farms. He's starting a crowdfunding campaign this fall to purchase a harvester. This will allow him to be more efficient as the haskap bushes grow larger and focus on other areas of his business. Andrew is very passionate and involved in developing the haskap industry. He is the founder of the Haskap Alberta Association and founding shareholder of North 49 Fruit Corp- sales / marketing of Canadian fruit.



Check out Rosy Farm's Events page to make a U-Pick appointment in July or find out what Farmers' Market he will be at! Andrew will also be participating in this year's Culinary Cookout in Cardiff Park on September 8 2018! More Culinary Cookout info coming soon :) 



57114 RR 264, Alcomdale AB
U-Pick by appointment only

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